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This web-site is purely non-commercial and Experimental basis.In the year of 1982 when I was working as Assistant Engineer in Assam Public Works Department,Chandmari Guwahati,I came to know that there was a micro computer which was kept in the Chief Engineer's chamber. I approached chief engieer and rquested him to give permission to work in the computer in the morning hours before he comes to office-he agreed. Accordingly I started learning computer programing in Fortran-IV language and made a programme for checking Seismic Desingn for 7-storied building.

I used this software to check 7-storied building of Guwahati Medical college (Dental department) successfully. That was my first own software and my journey to learn more on computers started.Moreover I got opportunity to work on main frame computers when I was persuing masters course in Roorkee University, presently IIT,Roorkee.

Today I am very happy that at present I know preliminary knowledge of most the commercial software of the market.